Review of Nautilair® Brushless Blowers by Design World's Managing Editor

Design World UnboxingDesign World managing editor, Mike Santora, examines our Nautilair® Brushless Blower line in this video. Watch and learn how the product features make Nautilair® brushless blowers suitable for many applications and help engineers design end products with lower noise, greater efficiency and optimal performance. 




For your convenience, we have included the video transcript below.

Hello and welcome to this special product review of AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions’ Nautilair® brushless blowers. In this video, we’ll touch on some of the features and applications you’d expect from the Nautilair® line, but we’re also going to focus on the ever-expanding list of functions and use-cases you may not realize these blowers are capable of. So, let’s get into it.  

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has been making these blowers for more than two decades. You’ve seen them in commercial and residential boilers, hot water heaters, furnaces and kilns. The Nautilair® brand is already well-known in the combustion industry. But I think it’s important to cover some of the features that make these blowers so versatile.

  • First, the fan housings are sealed to allow for the combustion gas and air to mix inside the blower and be mounted directly to a burner.
  • Fans have been designed to optimize air and gas mixtures and provide high efficiency combustion as well as lower nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions.
  • The motor controller uses a digital signal processor drive to control the speed of the blower.
  • And Nautilair® blowers are also brushless, which provides engineers variable speed control, but also longer life.  And because brush life isn’t a factor, Nautilair® lifespans often approach 20,000-25,000 hours.
All of these design features make Nautilair® blowers suitable for many applications, including combustion, radon mitigation, cooling, fume evacuation, air cushion machines, food production, and much more.

Now, regardless of the application, engineers typically want a blower that produces lower noise, higher efficiency, and better performance levels. Which is why AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has recently launched Nautilair® 12.3 Enhanced High Energy Blowers with these new design features:

  • The original Nautilair® 12.3 blowers have been upgraded from a Ferrite magnet to a stronger rare-earth-Neodymium-magnet, while staying in the same compact package size.
  • The blower’s original plastic cooling fan is now a quieter and more efficient aluminum fan. And the new design also incorporates an impact-resistant-plastic cover with a discharge tube that vents the warm motor exhaust air away from the blower as compared with the original metal powder coated enclosure that had louvers.

These design enhancements account for sound reduction up to 14 decibels at typical operating speeds. Additionally, the design upgrades save input power, increasing motor efficiency for manufacturers.

If you like the upgraded features of the Nautilair® 12.3-inch Enhanced High Energy brushless blower, you might want to check out its big brother, the Nautilair® 14-inch Pro blower14-inch Pro blower with the same design features and higher performance.

With 7.6, 8.9, 12.3, 14 and 26-inch blowers, the end-to-end Nautilair® product line can accommodate air power levels from 200K up to 10M BTUs-PER-HOUR and are available in many voltages to meet your applications’ needs.

Of course, adding to all this, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions will work collaboratively with engineering teams to customize the Nautilair® blower to their applications’ requirements. AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions engineers have 600 years of cumulative fluid-moving experience and deep applications’ knowledge.

To learn more about the Nautilair® line of blowers and other AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions offerings please visit Thanks for watching!


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