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Video! Discover How Partnering with AMETEK DFS Can Help You Win
AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions can provide you so much more than an off-the-shelf blower, motor and pump. We can become a true technology partner empowering your company to: Keep Reading
VIDEO! Why Nautilair Blowers are the Ideal Choice for Combustion Applications
For more than two decades, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) has designed and manufactured industry-leading Nautilair® Combustion Blowers, helping engineers build high quality systems, including commercial and residential boilers, hot water... Keep Reading
Review of Nautilair® Brushless Blowers by Design World's Managing Editor
Design World managing editor, Mike Santora, examines our Nautilair® Brushless Blower line in this video. Watch and learn how the product features make Nautilair® brushless blowers suitable for many applications and help engineers design end products... Keep Reading
Not Your Grandfather's Brushed Universal Motors... Anymore
Universal motor-driven vacuums have been a staple in many industries for years. Whether it’s for vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, extractors, central vacuum systems, material transport, animal dryers, foggers or sprayers, these brushed motors are... Keep Reading
WHITE PAPER: Learn Fluid Moving Basics for Medical Device and Equipment Designs
Without doubt the medical device industry is more fluid than ever. Manufacturers must constantly move and change to deliver complex technological advancements more quickly to market. Keep Reading
AMETEK DFS and Wayne Taylor Racing: Partnering on the Track
AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) is a leading manufacturer of blowers, motors, pumps and fans. Wayne Taylor Racing (WTR) is an internationally recognized championship winning sports car racing team that competes in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar... Keep Reading
How to Prevent Bed Sores with Medical Beds
Introduction What is decubitus? How can it be prevented for loved ones and patients? These questions and other related topics are discussed in further detail in the following blog. Learn more about decubitus and preventive treatment, with an... Keep Reading
Loop Control: Open Loop Versus Closed Loop Blowers
What's the Difference between Open Loop Blowers and Closed Loop Blowers? What's the difference between open loop control and closed loop control? In simple terms, open loop control is like driving a car. As you drive, you give the car more gas to go... Keep Reading
Why are Cup Motors Used in Blowers?
Use of brushless DC motors is growing faster than any other motor type. Their application in blowers is no exception. Among the many benefits these motors offer is the ability to finely control speed — everything from fixed speed to blowers run... Keep Reading
Brushed Vacuum Motors - How to Change Their Brushes
Brushed motors have driven blower, fan, grinder and vacuum designs for more than 100 years. They remain more relevant than ever as their core strengths — simplicity in control, cost-effectiveness, reliability and high peak torque outputs — are... Keep Reading