Introducing the Nautilair® Enhanced 12.3" High Energy Brushless Blowers


AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) is proud to launch the Nautilair® Enhanced 12.3" High Energy Brushless Blowers to provide hydronic system manufacturers with:

          • A magnet three times more powerful 
          • 14 dB less sound
          • Greater efficiency
          • And much more!
Get Three Times More Power and Eliminate Demagnetization with a Neodymium Magnet

AMETEK DFS upgraded the original Nautilair® 12.3" blowers from a Ferrite magnet to a Neodymium magnet, providing three times more power.

You get all this power — plus Neodymium magnets that also minimize the risk of demagnetization by outside magnetic fields or high temperatures.

Ferrite Neodymium Magnet_NONLINEAR Horizontal
Increase Overall Efficiency and Reduce Sound Up to 14dB at Typical Operating Speeds

AMETEK DFS replaced its original plastic cooling fan containing 20 straight blades with an aluminum fan which features only eight backward curve blades.

The new design can also incorporate an impact-resistant plastic cover with an exhaust tube, compared with the original metal powder coated enclosure without an exhaust tube.

Original DesignNew features-1


These design upgrades increase overall efficiency and reduce sound. Here is how:

  • The metal enclosure exhausts the cooling air radially through a series of louvers using a radial fan with 20 straight blades.
  • The plastic enclosure exhausts the cooling air by scrolling it tangentially through an exhaust tube using a backward curved fan with only eight blades.
  • The exhaust louvers broadcast motor and fan noise radially outward; the multiple straight blades create more blade pass noise.
  • The backward curved cooling fan with
    significantly less blades reduces noise and
    improves motor efficiency, without compromising motor cooling.
  • The motor exhaust louvers create the possibility of motor cooling air recirculation — and elevating motor operating temperatures.
  • The motor exhaust tube prevents any recirculation of motor cooling air, and provides customers with an option for ducting air out of their system.


As you can see from the bar chart below, these design upgrades account for sound reduction up to 14 dB at typical operating speeds.

chart Sound Reduction

Additionally, the design saves input power, increasing motor efficiency.

Leverage AMETEK DFS Hydronic System Blower Expertise

For decades, AMETEK DFS has been manufacturing Nautilair® brushless blowers for hydronic systems. We know that all water heater system designs are not the same. That is why AMETEK DFS also offers a professional service to optimize the Nautilair® Brushless Blower design within its customers’ systems to provide more power, less sound and greater efficiency.

Nautilair® Enhanced 12.3" High Energy Model Numbers


240V 1Ø








240V 3Ø 151630-XXP 151631-XXP 151632-XXP










If you'd like to talk with a sales engineer regarding the Nautilair® Enhanced 12.3" brushless blowers, simply complete the form.