VIDEO! Why Nautilair Blowers are the Ideal Choice for Combustion Applications

For more than two decades, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) has designed and manufactured industry-leading Nautilair® Combustion Blowers, helping engineers build high quality systems, including commercial and residential boilers, hot water heaters, furnaces, kilns and much more.

Watch this video and find out why Nautilair® blowers are the ideal choice for combustion applications?


  • Sealed fan housings enable combustion gas and air to mix inside the blower and to be mounted directly to a burner.

  • Fan designs optimize air/gas mixture to provide high efficiency combustion as well as lower nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions.

  • The brushless design offers variable speed profiles, multiple speed signals and long life up to 25,000 hours.

With 7.6-inch, 8.9-inch, 12.3-inch and 14-inch size blowers in the Nautilair® product line, many voltages are available to met your applications’ needs

    • 12/24VDC
    • 120VAC
    • 240VAC
    • 380-575 VAC

The Nautilair® line accommodates air power levels from 100 Kilowatts and 340 BTUs per hour up to 1,758 kilowatts and 6 million BTUs per hour.

Nautilair® Combustion Blowers are designed to be more powerful than competing blowers of the same size.

Adding to all this, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has an in-house state-of-the-art-engineering laboratory that helps OEMs expedite agency certifications, performance testing, prototyping and more.


With worldwide research facilities, sales and technical support as well as manufacturing sites in the United States, China and Mexico, AMETEK DFS is a global company offering intimate, personalized support. 


In fact, AMETEK DFS will work collaboratively with your engineering team to customize blowers to your applications’ requirements.

Our engineers have more than 600 plus years of cumulative fluid-moving experience, deep applications knowledge and hold multiple patents. 

AMETEK DFS is a a true technology partner, customizing blowers, motors and pumps to meet your needs.

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