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Reduce School Bus Fleet Costs with DurA-Tek Prime
Watch this video and see how DurA-Tek Prime from AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions is changing the game with their brushless technology, enabling you to save thousands on maintenance costs! Keep Reading
Sealless Booster Pumps Reduce Maintenance Costs
Introduction How many times have you heard, "The windows on the school bus are foggy and there's no heat on the bus. My kids are cold?" Clearly, you know there is a problem with the mechanics of the school bus. Unfortunately, you already know the... Keep Reading
AMETEK DFS is Making the School Bus Wheels Go Round
Using DurA-Tek Prime® Pump Will Keep Those Buses Running The Montgomery County Public School system (MCPS) in Maryland operates approximately 1,350 school buses each year. That makes it the 8th largest school bus fleet in the country, covering... Keep Reading