On-Demand Webinar! Fluid Moving Basics for Medical Device and Equipment Designs

Engineers and product professionals that understand air movement can drive more quality, efficiency and cost savings into medical device and equipment designs.  Watch the webinar now and find out how.

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Without doubt the medical device industry is more fluid than ever. Manufacturers must constantly move and change to deliver complex technological advancements more quickly to market.

Adding to this pressure, hospitals, medical facilities and other end users demand that medical marvels be built even better, smaller, faster and cheaper.

Since many medical devices become a reality thanks in part to the advances in blowers, motors and fans used to power them, savvy engineers that understand fluid moving basics can help drive more quality, efficiency and cost savings into end product designs.

That’s why AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions hosted this webinar. Watch it now. You will be empowered to:

  •  Express the relationship between fan performance and power through an understanding of fan laws, a group of useful equations

  • Predict how your system will react in different working conditions by examining blower system impedance

  • Align blower and system maximum efficiencies to reach the lowest power requirements by analyzing performance data and curves

  • Reach any operating point that lies underneath a given performance curve through speed control

  • Select the best motor or blower type — brushed or brushless — for your medical application

  • Understand noise, life, size and performance through medical application examples

Who Should Watch? 

Engineers and product professionals that design medical devices and equipment that need to move air. Watch Now!