Helping Manufacturers Build the Medical Equipment Needed to Fight COVID-19

PPT VentilatorTo help save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, your company may be racing to expand production of urgently needed medical equipment.

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) can help.

AMETEK DFS, a business within AMETEK’s Advanced Motion Solutions division, provides high quality motors, blowers, fans and pumps for mission-critical end products, some of which are facing scarcity issues in the wake of COVID-19. AMETEK DFS solutions are available for ventilators, breathe and cough assist devices, negative pressure chambers/shelters, airbeds and more.

Here is a list of AMETEK DFS products used in specific medical applications:

Applications AMETEK DFS Products Model #s  


Microjammer 3.0” 12V

Microjammer 4.5” 24V




Breathe Assist Devices

Windjammer – Bypass 5.7” 120V

Windjammer – Bypass 5.7” 240V




Cough Assist Vests

Minijammer 5.0” 12V

Windjammer – Bypass 5.7” 120V




Air Cough Assist Devices

Windjammer – Bypass 5.7” 24V



Negative Pressure Chambers/Shelters

Windjammer – Bypass 5.7” 24V

Windjammer – Bypass 5.7” 120V




Particle Measuring / Air Sampling

Microjammer 3.0”




Windjammer – Thruflow 5.7” 120V

Minijammer 5.0” 24V

Windjammer – Thruflow 5.7” 120/240V

Windjammer – Thruflow 5.7”120V







What's more, AMETEK DFS continues to provide worldwide support, despite the growing changes on the global stage. With three R&D centers in the United States, China, and Italy, the company is following extensive safety measures to ensure the centers continue to operate efficiently. Additionally, its four manufacturing sites in the United States, China, Mexico and Serbia are all still fully functional.

If you’d like to talk with someone about how AMETEK DFS can help, please fill out this form.

If you wish to expedite ventilator engineering projects, the form will prompt you to answer the following questions..

    1. What is the maximum output pressure at what flow rate?

    2. What is the supply voltage?

    3. Is the BLDC controller external to the blower, or internal? If internal, what are the required inputs and outputs? (Such as speed command input, tachometer output)

    4. What are the size constraints?

    5. What are the acceleration/deceleration rates?

AMETEK DFS also creates products found in environmental, industrial and commercial equipment, such as foggers, scrubbers, sprayers and pumps that help organizations disinfect air and surfaces, which can, ultimately, help keep employees and customers safe from the Coronavirus.

“This is an unprecedented time, and the whole world is feeling the impact of COVID-19,” said Lori Kieklak, Vice President and Business Unit Manager of AMETEK DFS. “Our team is equipped to produce reliable, quality fluid movement products that can help manufacturers build the equipment needed to fight the Coronavirus.”

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