LOL with AMETEK DFS: You Write the Cartoon Caption Winner - Feb. 2021

Congratulations to Dave Zeimet for making the LOL with AMETEK DFS team laugh the loudest! 

LOL with AMETEK DFS features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It's our way of giving you a little comic relief during your daily grind — by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Coffee maker repair on a Monday morning...

Coffee maker repair on a Monday morning...


Honorable Mentions

"Where's the duct tape?" -- Meg Lachmann, LinkedIn 

"Don't panic. We still have two hours before the official product launch."  --  Derek Stuart, LinkedIn


Other Submissions

"I think it’s supposed to be an EasyBake Oven." -- Julie Patterson, Chapel Hill, NC

"Brushed and brushless technology is always evolving! Doing things right takes time! Doing things great is worth the wait." -- Bryan Sheldon, LinkedIn

"The engineering department said it would work, so..." -- Joshua Harp, LinkedIn

"The vibration is a feature, not a drawback hmmm?" -- Edward Clark, LinkedIn

"We need less men on this job!" -- Michael Glover, LinkedIn

"The MARS rover that never was. . . It was going to be called Apathy." -- Craig Maddigan, LinkedIn

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Tyler Fluharty, LinkedIn

"Management, sales and marketing attempt to build a prototype while the engineers are at a training seminar." -- Rod Hower,  LinkedIn

"I knew that we should not have fired that Engineer!" -- Kevin MacDonald, LinkedIn

"Maybe this would be easier if we understood the basic fluid movement.... If only there was someone who could help, like maybe offering a fluid moving basics webinar.....hummmm...... -- Steve Meier, LinkedIn

“Where did I put Dave Gill's phone number?” -- Christina Thomas, LinkedIn.

"Perhaps we should attend the AMETEK DFS webinar: "Fluid Moving Basics for Medical Device and Equipment Designs."  -- Christina Thomas, Kent, OH

"Brushed or brushless blower technology is quite a conundrum." --Tony Barcalow, Columbus, OH

"Righty-tighty and lefty-loosey, Jerry."  -- Bev Willson,  Akron, OH

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